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Doctor performing operation on patient in operating room Group of people in a warm room at a sauna spa A happy man smiling and shoping with basket in grocery store. Health conscious people running on forest trail Portrait of handsome man running in speed Young female doctor in hospital with patient lying on bed in background Radiodentist checking x-ray with assistant and patient having conversation in the background A group of friends on a hiking / camping trip in the mountains A portrait of a small animal surgeon and assistant Clean reflective passageway of hospital with window A couple shopping, looking at expensive clothes - shallow depth of field, focus on man A successful business team in an outdoor setting against a city background Close-up shot of a female dentist smoothing a plaster dental impression A pretty young woman receiving a scalp massage in a spa A group of business people outdoors in a discussion A group of happy people running towads the camera.  Sharp focus on rear three people, motion blur on front person. A happy couple shopping in a small street in France, Europe A happy couple in the park sharing a hug and kiss A group of young adults training martial arts in the park A man fishing on a lake with camping equipment and woman in background
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