What does the rejection mean?

All images at YAY goes through a quality control. We have full-time, permanent reviewers working solely for us. So, if you have any questions or feedback about the review process, please e-mail us and help us improve the process!

Sometimes your images will get rejected. When images are rejected you'll get one or more reasons for why we couldn't accept your image into the database. You'll find a list of reasons underneath. It is important not to take the rejections personally. It might feel harsh to find several images rejected, sometimes for reasons you don't understand. If you feel wrongly rejected, please e-mail us and we'll look into it.

You should try to look at rejections as possibilities for learning and improving. Creating great stock photos is a challenging process. By taking time to understand your rejection, and then working on improving your technique you'll be one step closer to create better stock photo!

Remove Visible Logo or Trademark

Creative images can never have visible logos or trademarks on them. In editorial images you can have logos or trademarks. Solution: Remove the logo and/or trademark using an image editor or, if suitable, mark the image as editorial.

Should be Marked Editorial

The image contains elements that make it unsuitable for creative stock, but suitable for editorial. Correct the category to Editorial and you can resubmit the image.

Should be Marked Creative

The image is marked editorial, but there is no reason to restrict the sales. Change the category to Creative and submit your image again.

Please Improve Title/Keyword/Description

Your keywords don’t describe the image, they have spelling errors, they are too general or contain keyword spamming.

Common mistakes:

  • Keywords are not in English
  • Names of plant, animal, place or building are not specified. "Flower" is not accepted, you should also include ex. "Dandelion" and latin name for the flower "Taraxacum officinale". This information should be in the heading and description as well.
  • Missing place and date for editorial images.
  • Keywords are duplicated. Ex: "christmas", "christmas".
  • You have included keywords that don't match the image
  • You have keywords in languages other than english

Correct your keywords and resubmit. If you have several cases of keyword spamming you might get banned from the site or get your whole portfolio rejected. If you get the whole portfolio rejected you do have the possibility to improve your keywords and resubmit, without having to re-upload your photos.

Copyrighted Image

You do not hold the copyright to the image submitted or there are potential copyright infringements.

Missing Model/Property Release

If the image contains a person that could possible recognize him/herself, and it’s marked as Creative you have to attach a model release. YAY is especially strict about this when then image contains nudity. If you take an image someone's property and it is somewhat special and/or identifiable you need to attach a property release. Attach the needed release and resubmit.

We may also require a property release for photos of artworks, like paintings and statues.

Sexually Explicit Image

Your image is borderline to pornography. We accept nakedness and sensuality, but not pornography (and yes, we decide if it’s sensual or pornographic.) Close your legs and resubmit.


Images that contain naked children might get rejected. If you get this rejection it doesn’t mean we find your image offensive, only that we are better off safe then sorry when it comes to naked children on photos.

Too Many Similar Images in Your Portfolio

Do not upload series of images with little or no change in composition, keywords and content. Choose the best one or two images.

Improve Image Editing/Post-Processing

This rejection is used on too much or too little photoshop/image editing. We do not want water reflections on the images, borders, abstract that are over the top, and the like. Your models should also get some airbrushing. Other issues might be poor cropping, adjustment of light, color, contrast etc.

We believe the image will benefit from more or less editing, you can try to improve it and resubmit.

Isolation Should be Improved

Your isolation needs improvement - either the edges, or you've missed some spots. Sometimes the white background isn't 100% white. If the image isn't isolated but contains isolated-keywords you might also get this rejection.

Please Improve Composition/Background/Content

It is important to have a clean look in your photos. Before taking them you should make sure there are no disturbing elements in the background or foreground. You should plan and review your composition - what are you trying to say with your photo, what are the main elements, does the colors match, etc. In addition, the object your taking a photo of, the content, is it worth taking a photo of? Does it have a potential use for a client, could you imagine it used in a specific setting? A classic mistake is to submit photos in which the horizon is not level.

Please Improve Use of Light

It's almost impossible to make built-in flash photos look good. Problems with light might be too hard sunlight, too dark, too yellow light, too bright etc. Sometimes you can improve this in photoshop, but the best start would be to pay close attention to your use of light when taking images. Light reflectors are one inexpensive way to improve the light in your images.

Technical Issues

This includes images that are rejected due to the following reasons: Blurry/unfocused, over/under-exposed, over/under saturated colours, problems with contrast, noise or pixilation, interpolation problem, no focal point or artifacts. Or: The image contains a date stamp, borders, text boxes or the like.

No focal point

Do your image have a focal point, or is it more of a snapshot of different objects with no real focus? Try to capture a concept with your image, and make it easy for the viewer to see what that concept is. If you are photographing an object, try to blur our any disturbing elements.

Blurry/unfocused includes images with no focal point, or with focus on "wrong" place. Also, images who appears blurry due to other reasons.

If possible, correct the image and resubmit.

Images and photos are to be read as photographs, illustrations and vectors.

If you feel the reason for your rejection is inaccurate, please resubmit or contact us on contribute@yaymicro.com and we will take an extra look at your photo.

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