Who Is Running yaymicro.com?

YAY Micro is a European company with registered headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2008, it is still fully owned by the employees and quickly growing into one of the largest image agencies in the world.

You can read more about YAY at the About Us and Contact Information Page.

YAY is built on a strong technological platform, and our focus is to develop new technologies to improve the market for stock images. We are also a fair agency, paying our photographers a 50 % commission on sales.

We greatly appreciate any feedback, good or bad, suggestions and advice from our customers, contributors and visitors. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mail and Office address:
YAY Media AS
Gaustadalléen 21, NO-0349 Oslo

Company Registration Numer / VAT-Number:
992 197 137 MVA

Phone number: +47 474 86 292 (CET Business Hours)

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