Where Can I Find Information on the DPI (Dots Per Inch) of an Image?

There is a lot of confusion regarding DPI of digital images. At YAY you can purchase digital images, and digital images are represented only by the number of pixels. DPI is a term used for printing images, and is actually irrelevant in regards to any image you purchase at YAY.

The term DPI should only be used when printing an image, and you can choose the DPI of any digital image yourself in a good image editor. The print sizes we show at YAY is the size an image will be printed in using 300 DPI. When changing the DPI in an image editor, remember to uncheck the box for "Resample Image" and you will not loose any quality.

  • The resolution of a digital image is expressed in pixels
  • The resolution of a printed image is expressed in DPI

Some image editors (including Photoshop and also Windows Explorer) shows a DPI number when opening a file. This is actually a fictious number, which is defined in the metadata of the file. You can open the image in an image editor and change this value yourself, without changing the image in any way.


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