When Do I Need an Extended License?

Generally most uses of stock images are covered by the standard Royalty Free license. The exception is if you are selling a product which incorporates the images in an essential manner. This basically means that you must purchase an extended license if you are selling a product where the image is central to the product you are selling. Examples of this could be if you are using the image on postcards, t-shirts or coffee cups. We also recommend an extended license if you need to print/use the image more than 500 000 times (this does not apply to advertisements, tv-productions or websites).

An extended license costs $49 and and can be arranged by contacting us.

If you are making a product in less than 100 copies, you do NOT need an extended license. If you purchase a standard license, you can upgrade it to an extended license by contacting us.

What is the right license?


Electronic Use

Website, blogStandard
Banner advertisementStandard
Apps, games - the image is NOT essential to the productStandard
Apps, games - the image is essential to the productExtended
Website templateExtended
Online newspaper, magazineStandard

Print and other media

Magazine, NewspaperStandard
Advertisement in magazine/newspaperStandard
Business CardStandard
Postcards - personal useStandard
Products for resale (t-shirts, posters, wallpaper, postcards, etc)Extended
Leaflets, cataloguesStandard
Product PackagingStandard

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