How Large Will The Image Print?

The exact print size depends on the DPI (Dots Per Inch) your printer supports and of how high quality you need the printout. By looking at the preview page of any image at YAY, you can see the print size of the image in 300 DPI. Just click the link for print size in the box to the right of the preview image.

Generally 300 DPI is high-resolution printing. Often a lower resolution is more than enough. If you can use a lower resolution, the printed image will also be bigger. An image with 4000x4000 pixels, can be printed at a size of 34x34 cm (13.3" x 13.3") in 300 DPI. The same image can also be printed at a size of 141x141 cm (55.5" x 55.5") at 72 DPI.

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