How Can You Sell Stock Images So Cheap?

YAY offers 8116629 stock images from over 10198 different photographers all around the world. These provide thousands of fresh stock images every day, which we sell to thousands of customers around the world. Since we get our images directly from a large crowd of photographers, we can keep the costs down. This model is called microstock and means that you will save money.

In addition, the cost of running a new, web-based company is much lower than the cost to run a traditional image agency. The overhead costs are much lower. The costs of producing a high quality image is also lower now than before, due to technological advances - and the microstock model reflects this development in technology.

Most microstock photographers earn well if their photos sell. This is all due to the share volume of sales they can expect.

  • Direct contact with photographers
  • Customers from around the world
  • High volume
  • Technologically advanced
  • Web-based

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